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Chiropractic in Canada


  • For the seventh year in a row, Canada was ranked #1 by the UN as the worlds best country to live.
  • As of September 2000, Canada’s unemployment rate is 6.8 %, prime interest rate is 7.0, inflation rate is 2.6 %, and projected annual population growth rate is 0.8 %. Income taxes are among the highest in the industrialized free world. The Canadian economy follows the US economy very closely and is performing quite well with low inflation and low interest rates, which encourages investment in Canada. As well the enormous government debts, which have accumulated over the last 30 years, are starting to get paid down. This has lead to the beginning of tax rate cuts for the first time in decades, which bodes well for our future.
  • The Liberal party has a federal majority government, with the Canadian Alliance the official opposition party. Health care was the most important issue during the recent 2000 federal election.
  • The Progressive Conservative government in Alberta has passed a bill to allow for privately run medical clinics to operate for profit and be paid for by the government. This has lead to a lot of protests and debate throughout Alberta and Canada. Many are fearful that this will lead to a two-tiered health care system and open the door for large US health care companies into Canada and eventually eliminate public health care.
  • Portions of health care dollars are given to the provinces in the form of transfer payments from the federal government. These transfer payments have been decreasing significantly over the last several years. Since 1993, the Canada Health and Social Transfer Payment has dropped 28 % per taxpayer. This has lead to a lot of debate and political posturing between the federal and provincial governments because the feds are forcing the provinces to pay a much larger percentage of the health care expenditures. In fact some provinces are running television commercials showing how little the feds are contributing to the health care programs.
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