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Dr. Scott Morrow, B.Comm.(hons.), B.Sc., D.C.

Dr. Morrow has experience with the following:

  • Setting up new chiropractic clinics in the current competitive environment.
  • The purchase and sale several chiropractic clinics.
  • Evaluating several chiropractic clinics.
  • Operating clinics in urban, suburban and rural areas.
  • Formulating in depth business plans for financial institutions.
  • Negotiating many preferable interest rate loans with financial institutions.
  • Negotiating many preferable lease agreements.
  • Developing a good network of cost effective suppliers.
  • Providing consulting services to many new chiropractors.
  • Accurately estimating and saving money on office leasehold costs.
  • Accurately estimating and saving money on clinic start up costs.
  • Designing a variety functional floor plan.
  • Practicing in a multidisciplinary clinic.
  • Working with associate chiropractors.

Dr. Scott Morrow is a chiropractor and a business consultant that practices in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He obtained a Bachelor of Commerce (honors) degree from the University of Manitoba in 1986, where he majored in finance. Immediately after graduating from the U of M, he started a company with his brother who obtained his MBA the same year. From 1986 to 1992, Dr. Morrow operated this successful construction company and gained an enormous amount of invaluable business knowledge and experience. He employed and managed over fifty workers, performed budgeting and scheduling functions, developed marketing plans, designed floor plans, performed all financial functions, negotiated with suppliers, dealt with all levels of government and obtained up to $500,000 in bank financing. In 1992, Dr. Morrow sold his share of the company and embarked on a career in health care.

Dr. Morrow graduated Magna Cum Laude from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science degree and Doctor of Chiropractic degree. After completing all four parts of the American board exams, the Canadian board exams and the Alberta board exams, Dr. Morrow decided to start up practice in Edmonton. In January 1997, after an enormous amount of research and analysis, he set up his first practice in suburban Edmonton. Dr. Morrow also purchased a 50 % interest in an existing rural Alberta practice. He continued to operate both clinics until December 1999 when for personal reasons, he moved home to Winnipeg. Dr. Morrow sold both the new practice and the 50 % interest in the rural practice in December 1999, where he made a profit of $158,000 in just over two years. This profit was tax-free because he took the time to get advice from an accountant and lawyer when setting up my practices. When practicing in Alberta Dr. Morrow employed an associate chiropractor and massage therapists.

Dr. Morrow also negotiated the purchase of an existing practice in Winnipeg during 1999. He managed to purchase an existing sixteen-year-old urban practice in Winnipeg for a mere $40,000. He began operating this clinic in January 2000 and has doubled the patient volume in less than one year. He currently employs an associate chiropractor and massage therapist.

During his tenure in Alberta, Dr. Morrow consulted several new chiropractors on all aspects of the current chiropractic business environment. He was not actively pursuing this work, but because of his background and experience many new chiropractors had heard about him and would contact him for advice. By consulting with these new chiropractors for a few hours, Dr. Morrow was able to save them thousands of dollars and some poor decision-making.

Recently, Dr. Morrow has seen a lot a new chiropractors in Canada make many expensive mistakes when just starting out in practice. This is the time when you have your worst personal financial picture and cannot afford to make mistakes. Most mistakes are made because the new chiropractor does not educate themselves enough on business and operating a practice. These doctors do not research their options properly, think they are already knowledgeable enough, rush into a bad situation or and/or takes poor advice from the wrong sources. One of the most common mistakes made is overspending on the start- up of a new practice. Chiropractors often overspend up to $60,000 when starting up. With a five-year loan, this waste spending with interest will cost over $80,000 or an additional 3200 more patient visits. These mistakes occur far too often and with the increasing competitiveness of the profession, I felt it was very important for me to make my services available to Canadian chiropractic students, new chiropractors and associate chiropractors to prevent unnecessary mistakes and additional hardships that are being made in today’s competitive environment.

During 2000, Dr. Morrow has worked part time as a chiropractor, which has enabled him to set up Chirostart, a Canadian chiropractic business consulting company. Chirostart’s mission is to educate and assist chiropractic students, new chiropractors and associate chiropractors on all aspects of chiropractic business in Canada. In doing so, Chirostart will save chiropractors significant time and money when practicing in Canada. Chirostart has developed a threefold approach to carry out its mission:

  1. Development of a web site –
  2. Development of lecture / workshops for Canadian chiropractic students in Canada and the US.
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  3. Providing consulting services.

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