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The original Canadian chiropractic business web site designed by chiropractors for chiropractic students, new chiropractors and associate chiropractors. The mission of this web site is to educate its visitors on all aspects of chiropractic business, a lot of which is not available at chiropractic colleges today. This web site is designed to save chiropractors significant time and money when starting out in practice. It provides hard to find valuable information, and will eliminate many common, and expensive mistakes made by chiropractors when starting out. This will give its visitors a much-needed competitive advantage as they enter the increasingly competitive health care industry in the new millennium.

  • Manitoba chiropractors and government reach new 4 year agreement.
    Coverage of $8.00 per visit for 12 visits in the first year.
    Coverage of $9.00 per visit for 12 visits in the second year.
    Coverage in years 3 & 4 to be determined by a 3-member panel.
  • Manitoba NDP government reduces chiropractic coverage
    from $11.56 per visit to $8.00 per visit for adults and
    from $11.56 to $0 for all under 19 years of age.
    This effective July 1, 2002.
  • BC government eliminates provincial health
    coverage for chiropractors as of January 1, 2002
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