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Important Factors


Revenue estimations are often too optimistic which leaves the practitioner in a cash flow crunch and sends them back to the bank for more money. This causes a lot of stress for the practitioner and apprehension on the part of the bank. These revenue estimation errors occur because the profession is more competitive today and the assumptions utilized to obtain the revenue data are not well researched or up to date. The following information is vital to develop accurate revenue data.

What should be included in a business plan?

  1. What is the average number of visits per patient?
  2. How many new patient visits per week and per month?
  3. How many total patient visits per week and per month?
  4. How much will the clinic grow per month and per year?
  5. What are the industry averages for revenue and patient visits?
  6. How many patients will continue with maintenance care?

    This above statistical information is available in the Membersí Only area of the web site.

  7. What are the payment systems and revenue options for your practice area?

    This information is available in the Chiropractic by Province area of this web site.

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