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Practice Start Up

  • You are the owner and will continue to build the practice for yourself.
  • Income potential is great and eventually unlimited.
  • Flexibility to select own location.
  • Flexibility to select own hours.
  • You institute your own practice operations / procedures / staff to suit your style and personality.
  • You determine clinical / treatment style/beliefs.
  • You select own equipment, leaseholds and furniture to suit your needs.
  • Flexibility to implement own marketing plan/ideas.
  • No previous Doctor technique/philosophy/personality to deal with.
  • Patient volume is initially small and slow to build.
  • Large initial start-up/capital required.
  • Income is slow to build and will experience initial negative cash flow.
  • Becoming difficult to find good clinic locations, as more chiropractors enter the workforce.
  • Have to establish own clinic contacts and suppliers.
  • Need to hire and train staff.
  • Hard to find experienced staff.
  • Difficult to take a vacation.
  • No opportunity to view / learn other practice operations / procedures or treatment styles.
  • You are responsible for and determine practice operations / procedures.
  • A lot of time and energy required compared to other options.
  • Responsible for all overhead/expenses.
  • Responsible for all administrative duties, and need to acquire business skills to operate a clinic successfully.
  • Have to spend more money on marketing in first few years.

See the Membersí Only area of the web site for an actual clinic start-up business plan. This business plan will change every two months evaluating different regions of Canada.

Available in the Membersí Only area of the web site!

  1. How to perform clinic site selection?
  2. How to negotiate clinic leases, with significant $ savings!

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