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Locum Service / Relief Doctor

Reasonís Doctor is seeking locum service:
  • Holidays.
  • Temporary disability/illness.
  • Permanent disability/illness.
  • No overhead or start up costs.
  • Get to view/learn a wide variety of practice operations/procedures.
  • Get to view/learn a wide variety of clinical/treatment styles.
  • Get to see a large volume of patients immediately.
  • Guaranteed income and positive cash flow.
  • May become a work/buy in opportunity.
  • Will gain knowledge or hear of other career opportunities.
  • Can decide your own work schedule; perhaps time to set up a practice.
  • No administrative responsibilities.
  • Work is temporary/non-permanent.
  • Work opportunities are inconsistent/unstable. (usually holiday times).
  • Can involve significant travel. (A lot of work is rural, and city doctors have associates to cover holidays).
  • Is becoming more competitive, hard to find opportunities.
  • Have to adapt to existing doctorís style/techniques.
  • Patients prefer to see the regular doctor, are not comfortable with you.

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